Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cheats (old blog 21/04/09)

Firstly something must be going well, as had a few compliments on my arms and shoulders at the gym this week. Im not a big guy and I dont strive to be anymore, we all did at some point as a kid lol. Im more concerned with my shape, symmetry etc these days. So when someone notices an improvement things must be going well because i think changes it shape and structure are harder to notice than simple mass or fat gains.
Wanted to briefly touch on cheats, diet cheats. Some people incorporate cheat meals into the nutrition plans and some dont. Ive done it both ways, had cheat meals and whole days lol. Think whole days are a definite no no if you want to make steady progress. However the odd meal can give you a treat and a mental break. There is no denying it you make quicker progress without cheating.
This year, with a few years out of competition I've struggled to settle with my eating. And had to develop a more flexible approach. Which overall seems to be working, a good solid base of good quaility nutrition and meals out drinks etc where ever they crop up. Ive done well with only a few cheats up till this past week.
Bank Holiday weekend far to much beer and far to little food because I was hungover all day sunday. And now this week is where it all went wrong or did it?
Thursday night i was shooting in london and ended up in an italian in leicester square. Starter - Pizza base with olive oil and mozzarella, Mains - Americano Pizza and Lasagna.
Friday again shooting in london (i know after junk night before) - Packet (box lol) wine gums at the shoot, some how we ended up at Mcdonalds on the way back - Big Mac / Chicken Sandwich / 2 x Chips / Diet Coke and Mcfluffy
Saturday did ok lol
Sunday - Tobey Carvery - 2 Plates of raost dinner, 4 different meats all stacked high, brownie and ice cream desert, easter egg when I got home
No two ways about it thats bad eating, but training chest monday morning got the best pump in ages, and seemed more defined then it has done in ages. This started me wondering am i so scared of losing my definition that im not eating enough carbs / fat / calories to really fill out my muscles. Think I will definetly experiment with this. When I have reached the condition I want I will slowly increase my calories and see what happens. Its all trial and error and what worked yesterday might not work today.
In the mean time heres a shot from a shoot I did a little while ago when I was a little smoother (Fatter lol)

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