Thursday, 7 May 2009

Supplements (old blog 20/04/09)

Promised some more info on diet and training and that is still to come. Just wanted to leave a quick note about my current supplement prgramme. I'm experimenting with a few supplements that I have used before

both supplements are muscle gainers. I am using them during a diet or maintenance phase. They both seem to be working extremely well at helping me retain muscle whilst losing fat. In fact my weight seems to be staying the same and im getting musch leaner. Click on the pictures to learn more about the full norateen range.
The other main supplement in my diet is a protein powder I have switched back to whey protein after using a whey / soy mix click picture below for more details

if you want to order anything from La Muscle please use this referall code to get 12.5% off your first order

Hopefully post a progress pic in the next blog entry

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