Thursday, 7 May 2009

New Shoot (old blog 27/04/09)

Havent got on here to do a blog for a few days. Have been incredibly busy. First things first have my new pc now so up and running now. You expect to see alot of improvements to the site etc in coming months.
Diet (although I hate that phrase) is progressing exremely well. Had a look at some progress pics today and there is a huge difference in less than a month. Do need to trun it up a notch as have a major project loaming. More on that closer the time.
Also have another magazine to talk about but will do that next week when its no lonnger on newsstands as its a bit embaressing lol
Have had a few shoots this week. Had aa fantastic one with Mr Barnes and we got 3 greaat sets from that. Trying not to post them on here as they are all editorial standard and will hopefully be getting published. Also shot with a new photographer, so looking forward to seeing the results from that shoot. Will get all that on here will full details when I get the edits.
In the mean time here is a shot from an up coming show we shot for LA Muscle TV with the sexy Danielle Levy. The girl's got better abs and arms than me!
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