Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Model Show LA Muscle TV

We shot two more episodes for the model show last week. Meet Anya! Anya is an actress and TV presenter in her native Russia. She will apearing on the Model Show on LA Muscle TV very soon. Here is a taster of what to expect.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Superman ?

Wanted to get these pics up for a while. This is when I was bodypainted as the "Man of Steel". Will add the more sooon!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

First Shoot

Found these gems and just wanted to share them with you. This was from my first ever photoshoot from way back in 2000, this is was right before my first ever bodybuilding show and also the year I won the British Karate Championships and East England Powerlifting Championships. Enjoy!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

LA Muscle TV - Coming Soon!!!


Hey Guys,

just a quick post as off out tonight. Got all the details confirmed for the next few episodes of the Model Show on LA Muscle TV. We have the Erica show which is nearly fnished editing and should be out soon. And we are filming two new shows for you next week that will be out over the next few weeks. We have Francesca Giacomini orignally from Rome, she has got some great ideas so i'm sure that will make an awesome show. Watch this space. In the mean time check out Francesca's website www.francescapilates.com . And we have Amber, she is a well published model and despite being only 19years old has already been modelling a number of years. Check out their pictures below and as always I will let you know as soon as the shows are out. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Ultra Fit Vol.19 No.4

Well guys in Ultra Fit Again this month VOL 19 NO 4 its on news stands now. 3 Pages demonstrating an arm workout. Haha just want to point out tht crop of an arm is not mine will post you a pick of mine another time. This months Ultra Fit also features my friend Danielle Levy on the cover. Danielle featured in our last Model Show on LA Muscle Tv.
Few other things. My legs are agony from yesterdays workout, could barely do cardio today. Weighed in at 81.5kg my weight seems to fluctuate quite at bit. My eating has been a touch odd this week. Basically got alot of bannanas and salmon on special offer so having slamon for my lunch and dinner, and bannanas are making my morning and post training carbs lol. Off for a chinese tomorrow night so if I dont get a blog done tomorrow have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


First things first, got the next two LA Muscle TV Model Shows Lined up so watch the LA Muscle TV page http://www.simonhoward.net/page3.html to see what we've got lined up. Will be adding details soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the read on LA Muscle Magazine from yesterdays blog. Got so mcu to write about its hard to spread it all out. Wasnt going to write anything about training today but had one of the best leg workouts i've had in ages today. So thought i'd share it with you.

Warm up
5 minutes on a staionary bike.
3 sets leg extensions
3 sets leg curls
3 sets un weighted squats
(always like to make sure i'm thoroughly wamred up especially for legs)

Leg Extensions & Leg Curls (not a superset but alternate between them with as much rest as needed)
1 x approx 6 reps on leg extensions about 10 reps on leg curls
(failed about here, im terrible at keeping track of weights and reps)
1 x triple drop set with a few partials on both

Leg Press
1 x approx 12 reps
1 x drop set about four drops each set taken to failure with a spotter, few forced reps

Front Squats (havent done these in ages and really like them
2 x approx 12-15 reps

Stiff Legged Deadlifts with Dumbells
2 x 12 reps (did sets of 10 rep unweighted reverse lunges)

Alternate Leg Extensions (one leg at a time)
1 x to failure

Leg Curls with broomstick (these are awesome like preacher curls for your hamstrings
1 x to failure

Unweighted Squats with rope for balance
1 x failure approx 50 reps

Had to site down for 15 - 20 mins before I did abs. Got an awesome pump and it killed me. You may notice im quote vague on the reps and weights. I honestly dont pay any attention an the end of the workout you know if you have worked hard or not.

Here is a pic from a gym shoot few months ago just seemed suited to this post.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I know I have been promising some updates on my results for a few weeks now. For those of you who havent been following the blog, although I stay in shape all year round I have had a few projects coming up that required me to be in top shape. I set about changing my nutrition, training and supplement plan to achieve this. Wanted to give it a month before I showed any pictures so I can give you some good comparison pictures hopefully with a bit of improvement. Feel free to drop me a message with your opinions or any questions. Well without further ado

Don't know what you guys think? But Iwas pretty pleased. There is a full article about my supplements up in the LA Muscle magazine, there will be nore articles to follow, and I am also thinking about adding an article page to http://www.simonhoward.net/ follow the link below to LA Muscle


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.

Those of you who have read my old blog will notice we have relocated. The old blog is still there http://blog.simonhoward.net/

I have tried to transfer all the content onto hear and should get it all on here soon. But this will be our permanent home now! :). The blog has been a little quiet for the last few days. I have been incredibly busy this last week. Dont worry I will be posting all about over the next few days.

I hope you like the new look to the blog. I will be updating the details and hopefully get loads more info on here for you. We also have a new look to www.simonhward.net with loads more changes planned. Check out the new homepage image below. There is also a couple of new videos on the new shoots page and portfolio pages. Go and check them out.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Update (old blog 02/05/09)

Just a quick message to let you know about a couple of features
First one is Beautifulmag a French online magazine.
This will be the third time Beautiful have featured me, and its a fun little piece. Looking forward to working with them again soon.
Please note their site does contain some images containing nudity before you click on the link below.


The second one is Frech blog. Cant read a word of it, but they have put pretty much my entire portfolio up there which is cool.

Currently tightening up my diet for a few things next week. Means the bank holiday on a strict diet for me ... the rest of you enjoy.

Love It (Old Blog 1/05/09)

well promised details on the second mag, bit of a cheesey one but its all good fun. Was featured in Love it magazine last week. It was also great fun working Liz Scott again, for more pics of me and Liz check out the latest shoot section of my website
unfortunately Love is no longer on the newstands, but here's the pics for you.

sorry for such a short blog. Things are really flying at the moment. Got a new article coming out soon and another mag to tell you about next time. Also hoping to get another training video shot over the bank holiday.

Chest Workout (old blog 28/04/09)

Chest Workout

Got to take my little brother to the gym yesterday. We dont get to train together very often since he moved to london to pursue his acting career a few years ago. Wanted to start filming my workouts and documenting things on here a bit more comprehensively. So fortunately we where able to film the workout, click on the link below to see my edit. We have no soundtrack on it at the moment. The videos should improve as we pregress. Also had the chance to get back to the first gym I ever trained at so that was a blast.

Chris was recovering from a shoulder injury he sustained on the set of his latest project, so he had to go light. I am currently try to gain a bit of strength so training a bit heavier. I am teriible for counting reps and try and go to failure rather thtan a pre determined rep range. The workout was as follow
3 x Incline Dumbell Press
2 x Flat Dumbell Press
2 x Incline Dumbell Flyes (including partial reps)
2 x Flat Dumbell Flyes (including partial reps)
2 x Cable Crossovers (finishing with a drop set)

will try and get a few more workouts filmed in upcoming weeks. Also check out my borthers website

New Shoot (old blog 27/04/09)

Havent got on here to do a blog for a few days. Have been incredibly busy. First things first have my new pc now so up and running now. You expect to see alot of improvements to the site etc in coming months.
Diet (although I hate that phrase) is progressing exremely well. Had a look at some progress pics today and there is a huge difference in less than a month. Do need to trun it up a notch as have a major project loaming. More on that closer the time.
Also have another magazine to talk about but will do that next week when its no lonnger on newsstands as its a bit embaressing lol
Have had a few shoots this week. Had aa fantastic one with Mr Barnes and we got 3 greaat sets from that. Trying not to post them on here as they are all editorial standard and will hopefully be getting published. Also shot with a new photographer, so looking forward to seeing the results from that shoot. Will get all that on here will full details when I get the edits.
In the mean time here is a shot from an up coming show we shot for LA Muscle TV with the sexy Danielle Levy. The girl's got better abs and arms than me!
Image hosting by FroggyPic.com

Ultra Fit (old blog 23/04/09)

Diet & Training is progressing well. Making some steady strength gains and my dodyweight is staying about the same about 80.5kg fully clothed. Anyway thats all boring stuff. We will write a more in depth post about diet and training soon.
Bit more interesting in Ultra Fit mag again this month Vol 19 No 3
thats every month this year :) Two articles this month
"Cannonball Shoulders" & "12 Week Muscle Builder" total of 8 pages of moi

Congratulations (old blog 22/04/09)

Just found out my friend Cliff Haynes who works at my local gym Hamiltons Fitness has become
"BDFPA british powerlifting champion 2009" ,with a world record total.
well done Cliff at a bodyweight of just 75kg his lifts are truly incredible.

Cheats (old blog 21/04/09)

Firstly something must be going well, as had a few compliments on my arms and shoulders at the gym this week. Im not a big guy and I dont strive to be anymore, we all did at some point as a kid lol. Im more concerned with my shape, symmetry etc these days. So when someone notices an improvement things must be going well because i think changes it shape and structure are harder to notice than simple mass or fat gains.
Wanted to briefly touch on cheats, diet cheats. Some people incorporate cheat meals into the nutrition plans and some dont. Ive done it both ways, had cheat meals and whole days lol. Think whole days are a definite no no if you want to make steady progress. However the odd meal can give you a treat and a mental break. There is no denying it you make quicker progress without cheating.
This year, with a few years out of competition I've struggled to settle with my eating. And had to develop a more flexible approach. Which overall seems to be working, a good solid base of good quaility nutrition and meals out drinks etc where ever they crop up. Ive done well with only a few cheats up till this past week.
Bank Holiday weekend far to much beer and far to little food because I was hungover all day sunday. And now this week is where it all went wrong or did it?
Thursday night i was shooting in london and ended up in an italian in leicester square. Starter - Pizza base with olive oil and mozzarella, Mains - Americano Pizza and Lasagna.
Friday again shooting in london (i know after junk night before) - Packet (box lol) wine gums at the shoot, some how we ended up at Mcdonalds on the way back - Big Mac / Chicken Sandwich / 2 x Chips / Diet Coke and Mcfluffy
Saturday did ok lol
Sunday - Tobey Carvery - 2 Plates of raost dinner, 4 different meats all stacked high, brownie and ice cream desert, easter egg when I got home
No two ways about it thats bad eating, but training chest monday morning got the best pump in ages, and seemed more defined then it has done in ages. This started me wondering am i so scared of losing my definition that im not eating enough carbs / fat / calories to really fill out my muscles. Think I will definetly experiment with this. When I have reached the condition I want I will slowly increase my calories and see what happens. Its all trial and error and what worked yesterday might not work today.
In the mean time heres a shot from a shoot I did a little while ago when I was a little smoother (Fatter lol)

Supplements (old blog 20/04/09)

Promised some more info on diet and training and that is still to come. Just wanted to leave a quick note about my current supplement prgramme. I'm experimenting with a few supplements that I have used before

both supplements are muscle gainers. I am using them during a diet or maintenance phase. They both seem to be working extremely well at helping me retain muscle whilst losing fat. In fact my weight seems to be staying the same and im getting musch leaner. Click on the pictures to learn more about the full norateen range.
The other main supplement in my diet is a protein powder I have switched back to whey protein after using a whey / soy mix click picture below for more details

if you want to order anything from La Muscle please use this referall code to get 12.5% off your first order

Hopefully post a progress pic in the next blog entry

New Shoot (old blog 16/04/09)

Got alot of new things to get moving this month. Firstly the diet and training is progressing well. Training and eating very different to how I have in the past. Will be adding some more detailed posts on training and diet soon.
Having improved a bit from the pic in the last post had a few projects to do this last week. Will break them up and run through them in more detail soon, but heres a little taster for now.
New Shoot - Erica V

dont worry more pics to come soon.
You will also hopefully notice a new look to the website, we are in the process of updating it with alot more content soon.
In the mean time check out the new page that has all my La Muscle shows on, the model show is going really well after a bumpy start. Each show is going to get better and better just look at the two shows we've got comong soon. Just click on the girls pics to view the shows

Progress (Old Blog 15/04/09)

Getting back in shape!!!
Wanted to get this post up earlier in the month, but had a few software problems. A few projects coming up require me to get back into shape.
What is in shape? If your anything like me this is a very difficult question to answer. For anyone who has ever competed in bodybuilding we use different bench mark to whats "in shape" compared to the general public. For the time being im not going to worry about where I wana be and more concerned with gradually improving until I hit the conditioning I want.
Below is a pic of my current condition (will try and find a better pic when my laptops CD Rom is working again) About 84/85kg in that pic, I competed in my last show at 72kg, hoping to look half decent at about 80kg.

100% Raw and unedited pic = official before pic