Thursday, 7 May 2009

Progress (Old Blog 15/04/09)

Getting back in shape!!!
Wanted to get this post up earlier in the month, but had a few software problems. A few projects coming up require me to get back into shape.
What is in shape? If your anything like me this is a very difficult question to answer. For anyone who has ever competed in bodybuilding we use different bench mark to whats "in shape" compared to the general public. For the time being im not going to worry about where I wana be and more concerned with gradually improving until I hit the conditioning I want.
Below is a pic of my current condition (will try and find a better pic when my laptops CD Rom is working again) About 84/85kg in that pic, I competed in my last show at 72kg, hoping to look half decent at about 80kg.

100% Raw and unedited pic = official before pic

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