Thursday, 14 May 2009


First things first, got the next two LA Muscle TV Model Shows Lined up so watch the LA Muscle TV page to see what we've got lined up. Will be adding details soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the read on LA Muscle Magazine from yesterdays blog. Got so mcu to write about its hard to spread it all out. Wasnt going to write anything about training today but had one of the best leg workouts i've had in ages today. So thought i'd share it with you.

Warm up
5 minutes on a staionary bike.
3 sets leg extensions
3 sets leg curls
3 sets un weighted squats
(always like to make sure i'm thoroughly wamred up especially for legs)

Leg Extensions & Leg Curls (not a superset but alternate between them with as much rest as needed)
1 x approx 6 reps on leg extensions about 10 reps on leg curls
(failed about here, im terrible at keeping track of weights and reps)
1 x triple drop set with a few partials on both

Leg Press
1 x approx 12 reps
1 x drop set about four drops each set taken to failure with a spotter, few forced reps

Front Squats (havent done these in ages and really like them
2 x approx 12-15 reps

Stiff Legged Deadlifts with Dumbells
2 x 12 reps (did sets of 10 rep unweighted reverse lunges)

Alternate Leg Extensions (one leg at a time)
1 x to failure

Leg Curls with broomstick (these are awesome like preacher curls for your hamstrings
1 x to failure

Unweighted Squats with rope for balance
1 x failure approx 50 reps

Had to site down for 15 - 20 mins before I did abs. Got an awesome pump and it killed me. You may notice im quote vague on the reps and weights. I honestly dont pay any attention an the end of the workout you know if you have worked hard or not.

Here is a pic from a gym shoot few months ago just seemed suited to this post.

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