Thursday, 7 May 2009

Chest Workout (old blog 28/04/09)

Chest Workout

Got to take my little brother to the gym yesterday. We dont get to train together very often since he moved to london to pursue his acting career a few years ago. Wanted to start filming my workouts and documenting things on here a bit more comprehensively. So fortunately we where able to film the workout, click on the link below to see my edit. We have no soundtrack on it at the moment. The videos should improve as we pregress. Also had the chance to get back to the first gym I ever trained at so that was a blast.

Chris was recovering from a shoulder injury he sustained on the set of his latest project, so he had to go light. I am currently try to gain a bit of strength so training a bit heavier. I am teriible for counting reps and try and go to failure rather thtan a pre determined rep range. The workout was as follow
3 x Incline Dumbell Press
2 x Flat Dumbell Press
2 x Incline Dumbell Flyes (including partial reps)
2 x Flat Dumbell Flyes (including partial reps)
2 x Cable Crossovers (finishing with a drop set)
will try and get a few more workouts filmed in upcoming weeks. Also check out my borthers website

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