Thursday, 7 May 2009

New Shoot (old blog 16/04/09)

Got alot of new things to get moving this month. Firstly the diet and training is progressing well. Training and eating very different to how I have in the past. Will be adding some more detailed posts on training and diet soon.
Having improved a bit from the pic in the last post had a few projects to do this last week. Will break them up and run through them in more detail soon, but heres a little taster for now.
New Shoot - Erica V

dont worry more pics to come soon.
You will also hopefully notice a new look to the website, we are in the process of updating it with alot more content soon.
In the mean time check out the new page that has all my La Muscle shows on, the model show is going really well after a bumpy start. Each show is going to get better and better just look at the two shows we've got comong soon. Just click on the girls pics to view the shows

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